Carrot Cake


Classic Carrot Cake is infused with multiple flavors with hints of orange, almond, vanilla and maple. White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting completes the package that is embellished with elegant and edible dried pineapple flowers.


Blueberry Coffeecake

Cut into the soft crumb and find pockets of juicy blueberries. Demerara sugar creates a thin, crusty top layer that adds just a hint of caramel.

Chocolate Cherry Cake


This decadent cake is not your ordinary chocolate cherry cake! These layers hold a filling of melted chocolate with cream combined with dried tart cherries. Chocolate ganache smothers the layers, and tart cherry glaze is poured over. Hand-crafted chocolate roses finish the presentation.

Apple Coffeecake


Tender coffeecake holds a layer of soft, caramelized apples that contrast a crunchy brown sugar streusel topping and sticky caramel drizzle.



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