My Story


It was while I was in elementary school that my love of baking began. Once I realized that baking soda (which was in our cupboard) was not the same as carbonated soda (which we never had on hand), I dove in and taught myself by trial and error using the one or two little cookbooks we had on hand. It was a different day and age for sure…no internet, no television or youtube to learn from. Believe me, there were so many errors, but it did not deter my passion. My parents had tremendous patience, allowing me to experiment, throw away, and “eat anyways” many baked products.


My greatest influence was my wonderful Swedish neighbor, Hilda. She loved to bake, and was always trying new recipes. Quite often I would open the door to her standing there with a little plate of something sweet. After my tasting, she would hand write the recipe for me on little index cards which I would file in my recipe box and subsequently practice making. Many of those same foundational recipes I cherish and use today, along with my bookshelves of cookbooks and scouring the internet world!


After 32 years of marriage to a wonderful man, Art, and raising 5 kids, I have an opportunity to explore my passion. Since culinary school is out of my budget, I have resorted to how I started, being self-taught, learning whatever I can wherever I can.

My husband just laughs as he walks by me and says, “You read that cookbook like a novel!” The more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to know, and the more I want to know it.

The journey has just started, and I have no clue where it will end. All I know that is for now, you will find me in the warmth of the kitchen mixing sugar with pounds of rich, creamy butter and bottles of my own enticing, fragrant vanilla. You are more than welcome to join me there!


Blessings on Your Own Sweet Journey,



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